Kingdom Come
What Love Can Be

Come to me now
I want to be
Your best friend
For all the time
I want to be
The tissue
For your tears
I never want
To be alone
I never, never,
Never really thought
That I could feel
A feeling
That awakened me so
I was astray
Not knowing
Where I belonged
Living out of time,
Living out of time

Now that you've come
And set me free
Now that I know,
What love can be
All that I want
Is you with me
That's all I want

You allow me to be,
What I wanna be
Thanks for helping me
I'm gonna be,
I feel like
A brightly shining star
For only you to see

Hold me tight,
Hold me tight
I won't let you go
Hold me now, hold me now
Give me all your love

All that I want
Is for you
To be with me...

Another 'Come to me now' song,
the fact that I hadn't heard it,
or even thought about it since '89
then I found it
going through one of your letters...

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