I Saw Red

Ooh it must be magic
How inside your eyes
I see my destiny
Every time we kiss
I feel you breathe
Your love so deep inside of me
And if the moon and stars should fall
They'd be easy to replace
I'd lift you up to heaven
And you would take their place

Everyday I wake up
I thank God
That you are still a part of me
We've opened up the door
To which
So many people
Never find the key
And if the sun
Should ever fail to send its light
We would burn a thousand candles
And make everything alright

I've been hurt
And I've been blind
I'm not sure
That I'll be fine
I never thought
It would end this way

And I saw red
When I opened up the door

Ooh it must be magic

"Sometimes, I really feel cursed..."

The way we would just
edit this song to make it apply,
like everything else
now I have to edit it again...
When I opened up the door...
I still saw my destiny
to be with you in life...or death

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